Evergreen International Associates Ltd

About Us
Established in 2013, Evergreen International Associates Limited is a fast-developing company focusing on green and innovative building materials, such as composite partition panel, light weight composite cement flooring sheet, composite structure coating sheet, perforated sound-proof plate, calcium silicate board, fiber cement panel, wood grain siding sheet, ceiling board, gypsum board, super tile adhesive and joint mixture. We are young and we are moving on. While more and more competitors produce with inferior raw materials and fighting each other with a cheaper price, we are on the path of developing harmless and cost-effective new building materials for modern constructions. Serving more and caring more, this is our mission. If you feel the same way, Join us, and let us build up the future together.
Products and services
Gypsum board, Feiber Cement Board, Tile Adhesive, Joint Misture,Calcium Silicate Board,Sandwich Panel,Wood Grain Siding Sheet, Outdoor Wall Paper, Ceiling, Perforated Panel,Wall Panel,